Providing security services throughout Angus for over 30 years

With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, our expert team have the knowledge and skill to be able to provide you with the highest standards of security services available throughout Angus and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of security services to provide your business premises or events with the safety presence required, and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

We are proud of our customer focussed approach and we will always work closely with all of our customers to allow us to tailor our services to suit your individual needs and requirements. We understand that every customer’s needs are different and so will need a separate approach. We are proud of the excellent reputation that we have built up for ourselves and we are happy to say that a lot of our customers have come to use our services through word of mouth recommendations.

Services : We offer a wide range of security services in Angus, including:

Key Holding and Alarm Response

As one of our most cost effective and efficient services, where our team will act as your main key holder in an emergency or alarm activation. We will attend the property when the police or alarm monitoring station are called. You (or your own designated key holder) would only be notified in the event of an actual emergency, saving you the time and money associated with being called out for nothing. We will fax you a full report of the emergency alarm at the earliest convenience. Remember, don’t put you or your team at risk – call the experts and get in the professionals to monitor the safety of your property.

Game, Show and Exhibition Security

Our expertly trained security teams can patrol your show or event constantly where there is no member of your own team on the ground. We will ensure that your event is not ruined by unwanted acts of violence, vandalism or theft. We can also patrol the borders of your event to make sure that people don’t enter the venue without the appropriate ticket or entry fee. Having a visible presence at your event can actively act as a strong deterrent against this kind of behaviour and we can also look out for lost children to help to relocate them with their parents. This service can be tailored to suit your individual needs so please just ask.

Retail Security

We offer a variety of options when it comes to retail security one of which being a uniformed officer at the entrance to the premises as a visible deterrent for any potential shoplifters that may enter. We can also provide you with officers in plain clothing who will act as a customer and catch shoplifters in the act of stealing and can also be used to check on your own staff. We will tailor this service to suit your individual needs

Static Patrols

As our most effective kind of security, our staff can patrol your venue or event, and can patrol your business (for example, a car showroom) while your staff are away during the night and return when you open for business. Our team would make sure that your property was adequately secured and safe, before the patrols took place. We can adapt this service to suit almost all kind of business so please don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Mobile Patrols

This kind of patrol is fantastic for a low risk factor and the officer’s duties would involve carrying out an agreed number of patrols outside of your normal working hours. The first patrol will be carried out shortly after your building has been shut down for the evening to ensure the property has been correctly secured and locked down. We can also patrol other patrols at random times to be sure it remains secure, and we can even use guard dogs where necessary.

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